Mama’s Milk | Nursing Session | New Harmony, Indiana | Amity Photography

When I first met Briana and her little beauty I just knew we were going to be a perfect fit! Their style, personality, and love for each other is truly beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to photograph it! When I found out that this would be Briana’s last little one, it made capturing her journey all the more important.

Nursing is such a beautiful bond, and one I feel can only truly be expressed by the mother. So I decided to ask Briana what nursing her little girl means to her.

“I have been nursing Bryleigh since the day she was born. Early on in my pregnancy I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Although breastfeeding is tricky you never know if you’ll be able to. Luckily, I was blessed with a great milk supply and an awesome baby that was a pro at latching. The bond that we have shared over her 12 months of life has been incredible. At times, I did find myself wondering if I could really make it until she was 3 months, then 6 months then a year! Breastfeeding is tiring. But so worth it! I’m extremely grateful Amity Photography was able to capture these moments nursing my girl. She is my last baby, and the photos captured showed the beauty in breastfeeding. The beauty in nursing. I will cherish these pictures for the rest of my life!”


If you would like to capture this special time between you and your little(s), please fill out the form below!

xo, Amity

The Rickard Family | Fall Limited Edition Session | Wortman Farm | Amity Photography

I’ve known Laura since I was three years old. So when she contacted me about taking pictures of her beautiful family I couldn’t have been any more excited! I had been itchin’ to get them in front of my camera for some time now, and I was glad she thought of me! I think it’s quite possible that she makes the cutest human beings around! Take a peek into their session below!

xo, Amity


The Vindhurst Family | Fall Limited Edition Session | Wortman Farm | Amity Photography

Oh the joy it brings me to share with you this beautiful family session! At each turn there were giggles to be shared! It truly warms my heart to see the love and bond between each sibling. Don’t just take my word for it, take a peek into their session below!

xo, Amity


The Enlow Family | Fall Limited Edition Session | Wortman Farm | Amity Photography

Our Fall Limited Edition sessions were a big hit! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and photograph each and every one of my clients! Not to mention our location, ahh…SO beautiful! Go ahead and take a peek into the very sweet Enlow’s family session below!

xo, amity