Meet Amity


Hello there!

I’m Amity Winter, & the owner/photographer of Amity Photography.
I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer serving the
Evansville, Indiana area. I absolutely love to create images that
tell your story. I want my images to tug at your heart,
to bring tears to your eyes and to show you how
beautiful and wonderful your family is.

Here are a few fun facts about myself:

•I’m a newlywed and living in wedding bliss with my Hubby!
•I’m a Momma to two Fur-Babies.
•I’m a HUGE movie lover. Any movie that is related to a comic
book, you bet I’ll be seeing it!
•I’m a romantic junkie. (Those sweet proposals get me
every time!)
•I’m slightly obsessed with Advocare Spark.
•Fall days are my favorite.
•My guilty pleasure is Dairy Queen’s Oreo Blizzards.
•I shoot with Canon products.
•I established Amity Photography in 2010 and have been living
the dream ever since!